Daytona Biketoberfest 2000

I decided to head over to Daytona for a fun weekend party known as Biketoberfest. Hundreds of thousands of bikes, bikers, babes, and assorted crazies descend upon Daytona for a "family oriented" (yeah right) festival.

Dusty Storm
VMOA #1305

Check out the CyberMax Headlight. Got it mounted on "The DustMax" just in time for Biketoberfest 2000

Gina (aka "The Librarian") innocently accepts an offer to attend Biketoberfest in Daytona!

After three hours of cruising at 90-130mph on the highway she wanted to stop here and apparently pray for safe passage?!?!?
(I think she was praying for her own Vmax...)

"The Loop" a scenic drive through great tree lined roads it is just north of Daytona Beach

The Boss Hog V8 sure looks better after a few refinements

The Iron Horse Saloon has a
Dyno and Stunt show in the back

The second level of The Iron Horse Saloon

Always a good live band at The Iron Horse

Grab some rail and watch the spectacle...

Oh yeah, the burn pits! Check out VMOA member Eric Harnish doing a massive burnout!
Video Here

Ouch - this Iron Horse needs a new shoe
(Post Burnout Depression)

An obviously horny biker!

Some folks will do anything to ride in the Carpool lane...

A nun with a thong and her skirt hiked up.
Gotta love that costume!

Tattoos even on your head?
(Notice who was getting the attention)

Nice historic lighthouse south of Daytona

Even a Biker Dog enjoyed the party

The Vmax crew stopping for lunch on Saturday


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